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Originally comprising of British Rail Social Clubs (BRSA) we became an autonomous Association in 1990. Whilst the majority of member clubs are those formed by British Rail prior to 1990 we now encompass clubs from all sectors of Transport and Sports.

 The Association is divided into four Regional Organisations, historically based on the old British Rail regions. They are the London Midland Railway Clubs Association, Railway Staff Association for Scotland, National Association of Railway Clubs (Southern Region) and Great Western Railway Staff Association.

 The National Association of Recreational Clubs comprises of community based membership Sports and Social Clubs throughout England, Scotland and Wales. Our aim is to provide social, sporting and culture activities to the members of our clubs.

 The NARC, via Regional Offices, offers administration and support services to all clubs affiliated to the Association. As a buying group the Association provide discounted supplies and services to all our member clubs.

 Individual members of our member clubs are able to engage in our Sports and Competitions, receive benefit from competitive pricing within their own clubs and their National Membership card enables them to visit other member clubs.

 Member clubs can rely on support and advice and equally receive the benefit of a competitive price structure.