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Regional Information

What is the London Midland Railway Clubs Association?

Prior to 1990 the London Midland Railway Clubs Association was part of the BRSA (British Railways Staff Association). The new name was adopted when the British Railways Board withdrew financial support from Railway Social Clubs. The London Midland Railway Clubs Association is self-financing, self-managing and self-supporting.

Who is eligible for membership?

Membership is open to employees and retired employees of the Railway industry and approved associated undertakings including all privatised Railway Companies.

How much will it cost?

The membership subscription for "Railway" members is just 18p per week. Most of the privatised Railway Companies and some of the associated undertakings have facilities for deduction of the subscription direct through the payroll.

Can I use all the clubs throughout Great Britain?

The London Midland Railway Clubs Association is affiliated to the National Association of Recreational Clubs which comprises five Regional Associations with a total of nearly 170 social clubs throughout Great Britain. As a member of the LMR Clubs Association you will be entitled to make use of the amenities of all clubs, subject to local Rules. Some clubs, usually those located at holiday resorts, require prior notification.

Can my family join?

Your wife or husband and your dependant children can become family members at a nominal charge payable to the Club. Most clubs in fact make no charge for family members. The law does not prevent children going with you into the club.

Can my friends join?

Yes. Every club has a category of membership for non-railway members - Associate or General. The subscription is determined by the local club and there may be a waiting list at some clubs because the number of Associate or General members may be restricted in some cases.

What happens when I retire?

You can continue your membership by completing an application form for retired membership. At the present time there is no charge for Retired membership.

Are any competitions organised?

Each club has a variety of competitive activities in local leagues and in addition, Regional Competitions are held during the winter and summer. Prizes are awarded to the winners and runners-up in each event as under:-

Billiards Individual

Snooker Individual

Snooker Pairs

Snooker Team

Pool Individual

Pool Pairs

Pool Team

Chess Individual

Cribbage Individual

Cribbage Pairs

Cribbage Team

Darts Individual

Darts Pairs

Darts Mixed Pairs

Darts Team

Dominoes Individual

Dominoes Pairs

Dominoes Team

Whist Pairs

Crown Green Bowls Men's Individual

Crown Green Bowls Ladies Individual

Crown Green Bowls Men's Pairs

Crown Green Bowls Ladies Pairs

Crown Green Bowls Mixed Pairs

Crown Green Bowls Men's Team

Flat Green Bowls Men's Pairs

Flat Green Bowls Ladies Individual

Flat Green Bowls Ladies Pairs

Flat Green Bowls Men's Triples

Flat Green Bowls Mixed Pairs

Flat Green Bowls Men's Rink

Angling Individual

Angling Retired

Angling Ladies

SuperClub Competition

Golf Competition